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Colonization scenario Introduction:

Colonization scenario for Civilization V (BNW).  The colonization of the New World marked a transformative chapter in world history, as European powers embarked on ambitious expeditions to explore and establish settlements in the Americas. Christopher Columbus’s 1492 voyage across the Atlantic Ocean opened the door to a wave of exploration and colonization, with Spain, Portugal, England, and other European nations vying for control of vast territories. Now is year 1750, France, Britain, Spain and Portugal occupy almost whole Americas. Colonization is underway. The main question is: Can YOU change the history of world?

Scenario is based on world map (1750-1800):



Key features:

-Real boundaries of countries

-World and natural wonders are placed according reality.

-Real city names used in 18th century: (Constantinople=Istanbul, Edo=Tokyo, New Amsterdam=New York)

-Authentic population in cities (if data was available). For example population of London was 680,000 in 1750, in game city is level 10 (630k)

-Real placement of strategic and luxury resources, real quantity of resources. For example Arabian peninsula and Venezuela owns almost 50% oil reserves like in real world.

-Civilizations founded religions similar to reality.

Playable civs:


Spain has many colonies primarily in middle and south America

Portugal has numerous colonies, focusing in South America (Brazil) ans Africa. 

France with a significant presence in North America along Mississippi and St.Lawrence river, extends its colonies to Africa and India.

England has lot of colonies mainly in Canada, east cost USA, India, Australia and Africa´s gold cost.

Netherlands establishes colonies, primarily in Indonesia, while maintaining trading ports on every continent.

Ottomans dominate almost the entire Mediterranean region.

Russia with its immense size and abundant resources, only possesses one colony in Alaska.

China despite its vastness, does not have any colonies.

Other playable civilizations without colonies:

Japan, Venice, Denmark, Sweden, Poland-Lithuania, Persia, Arabia, Siam, Songhai, Zulu, Iroquis, Maya, Mongolia

10 City states




Middle East:


North America:

South America:





South-East Asia:


Known bugs:
Years counted +40 for every turn. I recommend to use some time mod

Starting game:
1. Download map file and save it to MAP folder. Usually C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\Maps
2. Start game and select MODS
3. If you want to use some time scenario tick it, otherwise click NEXT
4. Select Custom game, and choose map Colonization_full, don´t forget tick Load scenario
5. Choose leader, difficulty and PLAY

Before downloading this scenario we strongly recommend read our Terms of use !

Additional information


Brave New World, Denmark, Gods & Kings, Mongolia, Spain and Inca


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