Great Lakes scenario (BNW)

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Great Lakes scenario Introduction:

This is Civilization V (BNW) map and scenario of Great Lakes area between USA and Canada with true location of cities. You will start game almost on the beginning (3500 b.c., classical era) with 3 cities (all level 1), rest of map is revealed.

Scenario is based on real map of area:

great lakes

Key features:

-Real location of cities

-Natural wonders are placed randomly.

-Randomly placed strategic and luxury resources


Playable civs:

France represented by 3 cities (Montreal, Trois Rivieres, Rimouski) on St.Lawrence River

Shoshone represented by 3 cities (Toronto, Belleville, Kingston) on the north side of Lake Ontario.

Iroquis represented by 3 cities (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse) on the south side of Lake Ontario.

England represented by 3 cities (Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland) on the Lake Erie.

America represented by 3 citeis (Chicago, Milwakee, Green Bay) on Michigan Lake.

9 City states

Quebec City, Ottawa, Erie, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Grand Rapids, Sault Ste Marie, Minneapolis, Kansas City.


St. Lawrence River:

st lawrence river

Lake Ontario:

lake ontario

Erie Lake:

erie lake

Lake Michigan:

lake michigan


Starting game:
1. Download map file and save it to MAP folder. Usually C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\Maps
2. Start game and select MODS
3. If you want to use some time scenario tick it, otherwise click NEXT
4. Select Custom game, and choose map Great Lakes, don´t forget tick Load scenario
5. Choose leader, difficulty and PLAY

Before downloading this scenario we strongly recommend read our Terms of use !

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