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Carpathian map and scenario Introduction:

Carpathian map and scenario for Civilization V (BNW) show the third-longest European mountain range across seven Carpathian countries (from west to east): Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia surrounding big Carpathian Basin with Hungary Axis of the map is Danube river with his tributaries (Morava, Vah, Hron, Drava, Tisza, Sava, Velika Morava, Jiu, Olt, Agres, Siret). You can start 4000 b.c. with one city, or 3000 b.c. with several real located cities and real boundaries.

Key features:

  • Real boundaries of present countries in central Europe (or version with only capital city)
  • Real city names and their positions
  • All cities starting with level 1, except capital city (level3)
  • Natural wonder for every civ
  • Real placement of strategic and luxury resources, real quantity of resources (Poland has many coal, Oil placed evenly…)
  • Every civ beggins with the same research, units, culture and gold
  • Real placement of hills, rivers, lakes etc..
  • You have contact with another leaders at the beginning

Playable civs:

2 Various maps included!

1. Carpatia_full (full map with real boundaries)

6 Nations, 50 cities

Poland 7 cities, Czechoslovakia 8 cities, Hungary 9 cities, Yugoslavia 9 cities, .Romania 10 cities and Ukraine 7 cities, 

3 City states

Austria  (Vienna), Bulgaria (Sofia), Moldova (Chisinau)

2. Carpatia_basic (Only capital cities with tiny boundaries)


Poland + Czechoslovakia

Poland and Czechoslovakia


hungary map






Known bugs for Alps scenario:
Years counted +40 for every turn. I recommend to use some time mod.

Starting game:
1. Download map file, unpack it and save to MAP folder. Usually C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\Maps

2. Start game and select MODS

3. Select Custom game, and choose map Carpatia_full or Carpatia_basic, don´t forget tick Load scenario

4. Choose leader, difficulty and PLAY

Before downloading this scenario we strongly recommend read our Terms of use !

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