Earth map true starting locations



Earth map true starting locations:

This is true starting locations Earth map for Civilization 5 (BNW). Map is based on real world map in 3 eras (ancient, medieval and modern). Each era contains civilizations and city states specific for that era (for example Romans, Greek for ancient era, America, Panama City for modern era).

Map with city states locations

earth map



Key features:

-Starting 4000 b.c.

-Real starting location of nations

-Natural wonders are placed according reality.

-Real placement of strategic and luxury resources, real quantity of resources.


Playable civs:

3 Various maps included!

1. Ancient era

Aztec, Roman, Persia, Inca, China, Greece, Maya, Egypt, India, Babylon, Carthage

2. Medieval era

Aztec, Roman, Persia, Inca, China, Maya, Egypt, India, Arabia, Carthage, Babylon, Byzantine, Mongolia, Englang, France, Japan, Spain

3. Modern era

German, Roman, America, Ottomans, China, Russia, Egypt, India, Arabia, Brazil, Indonesia, Morocco, Mongolia, Englang, France, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Ethiopia, Sweden

20-25 City states

Starting game:
1. Download archive file and save it to MAP folder. Usually C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\Maps
2. Unpack archive file to get 3 map files
2. Start game and select MODS
3. Select Custom game, and choose map Earth Map xxx, don´t forget tick Load scenario
4. Choose leader, difficulty and PLAY

Before downloading this scenario we strongly recommend read our Terms of use !

Additional information


Babylon, Brave New World, Gods & Kings, Mongolia, Spain and Inca

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