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Real World War II scenario Introduction:

Real World War II scenario for Civilization V (BNW). Now is year 1942. Almost whole Europe is occupied by Nazi Germany. German army can reach key cities in Soviet Union Leningrad, Moscow, Stalingrad and demoralize Soviet Union. A crucial battle of WWII begins (Battle of Stalingrad). On western part of Europe Allies countries are prepared to Normandy landing, liberation of France and attacking Germany. In eastern Asia Japanese army occupied big part of pacific area and some Chinese cities, including Shanghai. One year ago Japan destroyed American pacific base Pearl Harbour and now Americans are prepared to counterstrike including atomic bombs… Real World War beggins. The main question is: Can YOU change the history of world?

Scenario is based on world map (1942):

Key features:

-Real boundaries of countries

-World and natural wonders are placed according reality.

-Real city names used in 1942 (Stalingrad=Volgograd, Leningrad=St.Petersburg, Sverdlovsk=Ekaterinburg, Molotov=Perm, Dihua=Urumqi)

-Real population in cities (if data was available) For example population of New York was 7,4milions in 1940, in game city is level 24 (7,3mil.)

-Real placement of strategic and luxury resources, real quantity of resources. For example Arabia and Venezuela (in game city state Caracas) owns almost 50% oil reserves like in real world.

-Real ratio of forces.

-Civilizations founded religions similar to reality.

Playable civs:


Germany is rich, educated, with strong skilled army. They covered almost whole Europe, but they don´t have colonies on other continents and they need more another strategic resources

Japan is small with lot of conquested areas in Pacific and China

Italy has colonies in north Africa and they want to expand territory.


France has many colonies (mostly in Africa) with lot of resources, but they are poor with low infrastructure. Big part of France is occupied by Germany.

Russia is big, with great potencial and lot of resources. But some of their cities aren´t developed. They army is big but inexperienced.

England has the most colonies which produces lot of money and research. They are also rich of resources, but it can be hard to keep them all.

USA is big rich country with strong army. War line is outside their territory so they can develop safely. They need some resources, especially oil.

China is big and has great potential of expand, but must free their cities occupied by Japan.

Brazil is part of Allies, but it´s too far to play important role in battles. Country has great potential.

Other playable civs:

Mongolia, Portugal, Spain, Turkey (Ottomans), Egypt, Arabia, Mexico (Aztec)

15 City states


Eastern Europe:

Central Africa:

North America:

East Asia:

South America:

Known bugs:
Years counted +40 for every turn. I recommend to use some time mod

Starting game:
1. Download map file and save it to MAP folder. Usually C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\Maps
2. Start game and select MODS
3. If you want to use some time scenario tick it, otherwise click NEXT
4. Select Custom game, and choose map Real WWII, don´t forget tick Load scenario
5. Choose leader, difficulty and PLAY

Before downloading this scenario we strongly recommend read our Terms of use !


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3 reviews for Real World War II scenario

  1. JohnyB

    Perfect high realistic WW2 scenario for Civ5

  2. frederick


  3. WilliamFiege

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